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Rubber air spring outlined


     Rubber air spring is a rubber component that consists of bead plate, piston and fabric-reinforced rubber bellows or sleeve.
Rubber air spring can be classified into three categories according to its shape: convoluted type, rolling lobe type and sleeve type. According to its sealing configuration, it can be classified into self- sealed air spring, clamping plates air spring, bead ring air spring and mixed type.It is made of polyester cloth layer, inner & outside specialized rubber layer and steel rings after the process of modeling and vulcanization.
No matter what style an air spring is ,it will operate on the same principle:A column of gas confined within a container allows it to use the contained pressure to generate force.
Due to its various advantages ,air spring is now used on all kinds of vehicles, paper machinery and other precise equipments broadly.The advantages of air spring are appreciated in both qualitative and financial terms.

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