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    Xi'an Hongxin rubber Co.,Ltd is the leading manufacturer of air spring in China,which has been in the business for over ten years. In the process of exploration, research and development, we always pursue scientific development concept , and strive to achieve the perfect combination of material and technology. Relying on market feedback information ,we constantly improve science technology and research new products, keeping our products stable, durable, and advanced .
      Hongxin rubber air springs can be widely applied to the air suspension system in all types of vehicles, the large and medium-sized paper machinery,mining machinery and other precise equipments. We have firm technique and a whole set of inspectional equipment. Our products are made absolutely according to the international standards with strong reliability.
    "Intensive and meticulous producing, Seeking finer quality,Whole-heartedly service, Consumer utmost" is our guidance. We would like to cooperate with more friends from China and abroad and welcome all new and old clients to Xi'an to visit our factory.  

918彩票官网|西安宏鑫橡胶有限 公司-宏鑫橡胶,空气弹 簧,空气弹簧的专家,工业应用,汽车应用,列车应用
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